It All Started With A Cold Call...

In 2010, I received a cold call from a TV writer asking for help on a pilot. I had just started working as an academic neurosurgeon at Duke University and was very open to new opportunities. I had never thought about working in TV, but I realized that combining my knowledge of medicine and science with my interest in storytelling was a great fit. I helped on this pilot and was asked to help on other shows and projects. One show led to another, and I established my role as a medical consultant. Soon I realized I could do more than just fact checking and bringing the writers’ stories into a realistic realm — I could craft and pitch original stories as well. I did not just write about interesting diagnoses, presentations, and treatments, but developed full-fledged stories around characters with compelling challenges and ethical and medical dilemmas. Writers valued my pitches and my stories began to find a place on many shows. Eventually, I was given the opportunity to get the “story by” for an entire episode. Most of my work pitching stories, developing stories with writers, and giving notes on outlines and scripts is done outside of the writers’ room — by Zoom, phone, and email. Occasionally I go onset and help with the production, where I try to really engage with the whole process from writing to the shoot. As I became more comfortable assisting on set, I realized it would be very natural to act like a doctor and appear on air. I started in the background of an OR scene in an important episode and gradually worked up to getting lines and playing slightly bigger roles in very dramatic scenes. Over eleven years, I went from Dr. Gottfried, a neurosurgeon, to also being Dr. Gottfried, a TV neurosurgeon.

Since 2010…

Since receiving that cold call in 2010, Dr. Gottfried has established himself as a leader in the accurate portrayal of medicine through television. He has taken on roles as a TV lead medical consultant, writer, and actor with 50+ television shows including The Good Doctor, Chicago Med, Elementary, and Royal Pains.

As Seen On :

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TV Lead Medical Consultant, Writer & Actor

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Chicago Med

Actor 2019-Present

Neuro Resident Dr. Gottfried | Dr. Gottfried | Neurosurgeon

Medical Consultant 2015-Present

The Good Doctor

Writer 2021-Present

Waiting (2021) | Story By Oren Gottfried MD

Lead Medical Consultant 2018-2021


Technical Advisor 2018-2019

Medical Advisor 2012-2015

Royal Pains

Dr. OG has over 200 screen credits and has worked with 50+ television shows View His Full Profile On IMDb.

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